Varga Csaba - Our Words From The Past

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Authored by Mr Csaba Varga Etymological comparison of word-samples out of different languages. "And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech". (Genesis I.11.1) Where did this language develop?, What kind of language was it? Is it still around? Supposedly we found it - what's the proof of it being the mother of all languages? - We will find the answers for all these questions by reading this book and following the author's sharp logic.About the author:Teacher of mathematic and art. A well known director of animation-films. Researcher of history of writing and language. Author of the books: "Signs Letters Alphabets", "The Living Language of the Stone Age" and "The English Language from the Hungarian View"

Our Words From The Past

Könyv adatok
Cím: Our Words From The Past

Szerző: Varga Csaba


Oldalszám: 150 oldal
Megjelenés: 2011. február 18.
Kötés: Kartonborított, ragasztott
ISBN: 9789639836174
Méret: 200 mm x 160

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